DIY Overnight Crystals Craft | Fun sleepover activities, Science crafts, Crafts



  1. Posted by krystleak83, — Reply

    3/4 cup of alum each? How

  2. Posted by krystleak83, — Reply

    How many containers is that?

  3. Posted by avadelawder, — Reply

    How to make?

  4. Posted by tinapaul444, — Reply

    awsome idea ... ilove it . keep the good work

  5. Posted by bimdana0835, — Reply

    great idea ... ilove it . keep the good work

  6. Posted by Donnab1434, — Reply

    I want to show my grand children this ty.

  7. Posted by franklamark, — Reply

    one of my favorites from frank lamark

  8. Posted by azkaabdulhafeez, — Reply

    Avadelawder just read

  9. Posted by stitchingjules, — Reply

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  10. Posted by mlsnajmm, — Reply

    Did not work for me, I think I did it wrong?

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