How Facial Masks Can Help Your Skin



  1. Posted by kirstenjfraser, — Reply

    please don’t do diy skincare. as it is not regulated it can contain harmful bacteria and the ingredients are not designed for your skin

  2. Posted by ebosbury, — Reply

    please don't use baking soda or lemon on your face!!!! they're both way too harsh and will do so much harm

  3. Posted by blaykeswanger, — Reply

    Never do this face mask it burns so bad

  4. Posted by irianandiaa, — Reply

    it made my skin brighter than before

  5. Posted by irianandiaa, — Reply

    it worked well thank you

  6. Posted by irianandiaa, — Reply

    gonna do the bright skin

  7. Posted by mjgould07, — Reply

    Don’t use lemon juice on your skin it’s horrible for your skin

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